Introduction to Brain Snacks for the Body

Since our body is mainly made up of water

replacing it is vital to good health.

Drink clean water 6-8 glasses a day. 


Breathing exercises will help to keep

your lungs healthy and also the heart

improving your over all health.


Walking is a good way to get air into

your lungs and gentle exercise,

can be for a stroll… topumping,

walking in Nature can also be relaxing.


Yoga is for life and the best all over

Exercise ever. I have been doing it

for over forty years. For peace of mind

and keeping flexible and calm. 


As most of us know by now is that

we are what we eat. I would not

exactly put it that way, but it does

build our body.

Food is mostly either acid or alkaline

and we need a balance.

It’s easy enough to go on line and

check out which food is what.

Then become more aware of what

you are consuming mostly through your 

day or week

BodyAnnamarie Muirhead