My story


Leaving school at age 17, I was keen to learn different things, being interested in Art,  I studied Interior Design.

Soon got married, had three children and worked in building business and hospitality. It was a great time to meet people from every where. But I wanted to do something for healthy living so more studies of this kind were necessary.

I soon found that this was my calling. No internet left it at small groups in rented places or my home.

Reflexology, deep muscle therapy and cranial treatment to name just a few of them, were the cat’s whiskers in those days. I studied Naturopathy and Youngian Psychology were which were grabbing my full attention so I sunk me teeth into that for a few years. But the search for who I really am  took hold as an all over interest at the age of late thirties.

Immigrating to NZ happened a few years earlier a place that took us back into the past, life was so much easier and slower than we had ever experienced before. Travelling the world in later years, made me believe that NZ was paradise and I wanted to stay for the rest here of my life and so I am.