About being joyful.  Deep and inexplicable

I knew that joy was not the same as happiness. It was not being carefree and laughing out loud, smiling and having fun. I knew Joy was something you felt deep inside your being. Something that told you every thing was just right, the way it is.

A wonderful state of being.

So why did I have to say to my mirror image, I do not know what joy feels like, do you? I did not get an answer, because this face looked bewildered just as I felt inside. Why did I not know how joy was supposed to feel? I knew for certain that I had not felt it, because if I did I would remember it.

I even did some figure eight exercises, I read not sure now where, for that should awaken the state of being joyful. I am still doing them every day as part of my Yogarsizing.

I have done those for about fifteen years now.

Good for the body and a grate start to the day. I could not be with out it; apart from travelling having a night flight, they are part of my daily routine.

I have been doing Yoga

In one form or another for way over thirty ears. My body and mind are both pretty flexible.

No matter what I did for all those years, that feeling of joy eluded me.

One day I was reading a book online, connecting with the Author. About her pain, her grieve and her despair about a life she had lost at a young age.

This crated a bond with her, for the same thing happened to me about twelve years ago. I should have been sad about it, but I was not. A feeling came over me that said all is well relax in this goodness, of ease and peace.

It was so different to being happy and so intensely beautiful,

I knew in an instance I was experiencing Joy.

From that day on I knew what it felt like and I knew, no one could explain that feeling, for ease and peace and all is well, is about the best I can do there is simply nothing to compare it with, to reason or feel.

Like love, it had nothing to do with

What we generally understand of that word is not emotional at all.

Emotions are directed to the world outside of you and the general idea of love  is too.

But Joy is a feeling of a different state of being, deep inside of you, where matter has no influence at all.

You simply are in that, I am.

In that state you are whole and complete, no judgment no analyses are possible, for there are none, nothing like that exists. It is not Bliss either, we say one is blissed out, but you cannot be joyed out. You can be in a blissful state or filled with joy, but they are two different states which people before me have tried to explain. No matter what I match it up against, there are no words.

It simply is

Now that I know joy exists and I am joyful more often, the only peace of mind I can give you is to confirm that it exists.

One day, when it comes to fill you, engulfs your being, you will know and say yes that is Joy, I know now what it feels like.

Like me you will try to explain, but because it is unique and nothing compares to it, you will be just as speechless as I am.

Some things cannot be measured or expressed in words.



Annamarie Muirhead