The Two Night Stand Of My Naughty Little Mini

By A. L. Muirhead  

Chapter One

Mini could not believe what had just turned up in that place to her left. She had been feeling deserted most of the day, for every one else had left mid morning. Being used to be all on her own sometime through the day, when all the others hadgone away for a while, but being the only one left, she had not experienced for many month.

It was also extremely quiet so she decided to have a big long daytime snooze. When this sleek looking red Angel arrived, she thought it’s just a dream looking down her front, down her left side down her right side. But no they were all in the right places and she was ……… wideawake.

“Hello there”;  he was greeting her, with a deep and pleasant voice. “I did not want to wake you up and just sat here for quite some time until I finally got noticed. You are a cute and pretty little thing I am glad I got to be sitting right next to you.

Do you live here, it seems like you belong here somehow, don’t know what gives me that feeling.”

Mini did not know whether his color was reflecting off her or whether she was actually blushing, knowing farewell that this friendly neighbor was no commoner he did not look flashy he looked royal and was also a smooth talker who would have been living in expensive housing, not like here sitting outside almost all year round as of late, gathering all sorts of abuse, from birds, wind and rain.

She wanted to go back to sleep now and dream about him following her, flirting with and passing him in a surprise attack, showing him what her little body was able to come up with. The wild part in her was surely stirred up instantly.

Having seen types like him before but never sat next to one yet, she did feel a little shy at first but that did not seem to be noticed, he was plenty sure of his power and talking about the trip here and how they just made it before the road was closing because of bad weather.

Telling her about his owner who hardly ever let him show what he could do. That was when she had plenty to say about her owner, who was letting her on the loose at every opportunity.

“I love my owner,” she said; “mainly because she loves me and we have been having a great relationship for almost four years now. I don’t like it too much when she lets others drive me as if I was a pram with a fragile baby in it, that is simply a waste of time for me. When there are so many wonderful country roads around where my owner would be letting me roar.”

As she was bragging about her owner letting her race when ever possible, he felt a little left behind.

As he was coming up with his story about when he was created and how they made him go so fast he could hardly see where he was heading.

“Those drivers were real devils in having me show them what I could do. But then once I was ready to go and was driven on ordinary roads that life was well and truly over. Sometimes I think; why did they bother to create me in this way, if I cannot even begin to show what I’m capable of.

But then I do admit I feel great when others see me zoom past with my deep growly motor just speeding a little bit. And of course I appreciate, that they talk about me where ever I go. I know your owner took many photos of us while you were asleep. I’m used to the cameras, it happens all the time. I also know that there are not so many of us in this country and you are also in that club, I have not seen one just like you either.

Forgive me for showing off, but I have been reading your number plate as we slowly drove into the parking lot. Who could not love you, reading that and it certainly tells me how much your owner appreciates you. I know my owners have tried to get a plate with something special like you have, they were talking about it for weeks. But it is hard to get what you really want, so much has already been taken.“

“Yes I know,” she is smiling; “my owner had been searching and asking others about that, because she wanted something with my name included. Those were simply already taken by the rest of the world. Maybe there are many more Minis than words you can create about it, since my name already has four letters.

But I loved it too when every one was reading this plate and often said it out loud, I felt that they really meant it, because it was always accompanied by a smile and still is. While I’m sitting here and people see me, which I suppose I’m getting more of, than if I was hidden inside a garage.”

“Well as they say, you can’t win them all, he reckoned.”

“But I tell you a secret” she prompted; “one actually can. If one loves what is and is happy with who they are, then they have it all, that is what my owner reckons.”

“Your owner must be quite special I can see that you are also custom made and she was spending a lot of money on you apart from the personal plate. You are also cared for and beautifully clean inside and outside. At least from what I can make out from here.

I wish I was able to come closer to you, though it looks like both of our owners have the same thought on they’re minds about keeping us in save distance from the next car. I suppose you had some knowledge about cars and realized that I am also European, and hot bloodedas well, hence the color they gave me.”

“I do and I love that color too, but when I was created there were non of those reds with a nice tone as yours. That is why I am white silver. I’m used to it now and am very satisfied with the attention I’m getting, especially when she is driving me, letting my feminine sound rev up a little when driving off.”

Chapter Two


“How long have you been here over this side of the  island.” “Hm, it seems like a very long time, since we have been anywhere further than into town or the next town. What about you where do you live?”

“Oh I live in the Capitol somewhere further down south and am always locked away as soon as we arrive home. There are too many people who would hurt and scratch me, if I was parked like here, outside.”

“It is really quiet here even when every one is back again at night;” Mini tells him. “But in the main season I sometimes worry too a little bit, about being bumped or scratched.”

“Unfortunately I am leaving after those two nights and I guess I will be going away through the day to the Hot-rods show tomorrow. We will have another night together to get to know each other a little better yet before that. I’m sad that there is not going to be more time. “

“Yes it certainly is a petty, I truly have enjoyed conversing, and having your company. You know that most cars don’t have any idea that they could talk, don’t even think of it leave alone trying. Just like animals, they mostly don’t know that either and never try. But my owner understands them she writes about what there telling her.

She has written a book about the only dog that ever had the pleasure of having rides with me. But that little sweetie had to leave and fly on a plane to another continent a bit like us, only we came here on a boat not a plane like shed did. I think I will be sad when you leave and hope that my owner is taking me out for a drive soon to give me the attention I deserve. “

“At least you can safely sit out here when nothing else is happening but I am looked up in the garage most of the working week, it’s not save to be parked in the City all day long and it would take forever getting into town on the constantly packed motorway.

Yes, I see we both are in the same boat we’re treasures to our owners and kept save as well as possible.

“Hm, you are right again there they may just be a bit  over protective for your own good in your case.

“Yes one would think a good insurance would replace that fear, but maybe they also love us as your owner hints with your number plate.”

“You’ve got a point there, we love being driven by our owners best and maybe they feel the same toward us.”

“Well Mini; Mini, is such a cute name, not many cars are lucky enough to have the exact name, made just for them. Most of us have the makers name.

“Right my friend, dear Ferrari, your name is known for being a very special breed, you cannot help but to be proud of it.

While I am different to many other Minis and a brand new model as well, having been made to look cute.

So true once again, my owner is really proud of me as well, she had been driving big cars most of her life, carting the family around safely. And when she saw one like me she simply had to have one like that for herself. You are everything I need she told me, you’re simply express who Iam, “ you got that one right on”.

It was a stormy night that last night they were together, but each one wishing that they could move much closer, at least close enough to whisper sweet things into each other’s rear mirrors. They needed to shout at times to be able to hear or just bee quiet and feel the vibrations coming from one another, it was that sweet feeling of being in love. How could they get closer together if there were no drivers was the big question. We could elope together, we both know how to drive.

“Don’t we” Maserati yelled over,” just getting out of this storm would be a fantastic improvement. I know a place we could drive to and sit as close as we like, lets do it. Common start you’re engine altogether one two three, yes lets do it and take off quickly before they hear us. He was out first and Mini followed him she though she knew where he was going as she herself had been up there once or twice. There were other cars with couples in them they had no interest in those two arriving, far too busy with they’re togetherness.

As they huddled together Mini said. “I have heard that you may have been driven by Magnum in that series of movies they made a while back.”

“Hm, who told you that? You are nowhere near old enough to know about that. “

“My owner told me that her son remembered seeing you’re type in those movies. That is when she told me that she had actually been chatted up by “that Magnum-Character” in Honolulu some time ago, I think she said it was in the last century.

“Well to tell you the truth, it was me, but by the time she would have been there I would have already been sold for an arm and a leg.”

“You what, you don’t have any of those as I can see.”

“Oh, Mini that is only something people say when things have cost an incredible amount of money.”

“I see” she nodded, “not many people speak to me I only hear them remarking on my number plate then maybe say how much they would love to have a car like me. And of course reading it out aloud, while smiling and adoring me. When we first came over here many people would come and inspect my interior while my owner was in the super market, doing her shopping.

They were mostly women who would say to their partner, wow look at this, I would love to have one of those. Peeking inside and loving what they see, being really impressed.”

“I know the feeling sweet Mini, it’s mostly men who admire me and wish they could afford to by one like me. But this is a little different because I am an antic car and also gobble up the gas as their was no tomorrow. Not very many of them would want to spend all that money on going for a drive. I must try and stir up my owner to come back here more often.

But we are really only here for this meet up called Hot-Rods and the chances that we will be back before next year are very slim. Lets just make the best of the time we have and go for a moon light drive along the beach as well.”

“That would be lovely” Mini uttered, “you go ahead I follow, we can park up somewhere along the marine parade where we can sit closely together, see the moon on the waves and dream. “

“You sure are a little romantic, would have fitted into my time when I was young, I love you Mini just remember that.” Down they drove the narrow winding road, bumper to bumper almost touching blinking at each other wanting to stay as close as possible. Arriving on the beach stretch they could drive next to each other again,  no other cars around anywhere.

The old fellow had had a few flings before but not with such a cute young thing ever. Not many girls were interested anymore once he got passed his used by date, which was well, in the last century. He was well groomed though and looked not a day over twenty, unless you were up with the date of those famous cars.

Maybe Mini thought it would be time some one would make a movie with her type in her style, when female cuties like her could play a role and become known for many decades. Being treasured and looked after like Ferrari. It could be a good thing to start with her being such a cute model.

So the tale is getting spun as I am writing.

After a very romantic sexy night they quietly sneak back , no other cars had arrived and their parking spaces were still empty, they both let off a sigh of relieve. There was no need to worry any one with their romantic excursion, even if it was no ones business in the first place. They made sure to move closer together but not too close to be or creating a stir.

Mini was hoping that Maserati didn’t have to leave too early in the morning so they could still have the rest of the night together. But how ever many hours there were added it was still a sad parting the next day. “

Please come back soon,” Miniwas callingover as they were packing up, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I’ll do my best be sure of that, I won’t forget to work on it, just need some time to figure a way to get them come back here. Buy for now don’t forget me he called when they left.”

 “Good by my lover see you soon,” were the last words she said.

Sad and lonely sitting there the only car again everyone else had left by midday as usual. “I want to go somewhere too,” she called to her owner upstairs, “please lets at least go shopping.”

She was lucky as the lady turned up just an hour later and they drove into town to a big parking place with lots of cars but sadly no Maserati anywhere, not even one red car.

She was looking around, knowing he couldn’t possibly be here, but wishing that he was.















Annamarie Muirhead