Through the Cat's Eyes


Hi, I’m called Huggl

Like those tiny ice-pebbles, falling out of the sky, with thunder and lightening, which happened the day I was discovered.  Huggl is the “Swiss” word for Hail, so they tell me.

I got court up in Hail once too while basking in the sun, when suddenly the sky turned pitch dark and all hell broke loose.

Shaking with fear and my shackles up I dashed under the  house, but some of those nasty pebbles still hit me… ouch, ouch! I cried, sitting under the steps right by the door. But no one was home and I waited and waited and waited. Then I heard a car arrive peeking out I could see it was my mum’s.

She had previously found me asleep on her bed where my mother had dropped me and never returned. From that day on, mum looked after me, and allowed me to come inside.  I was starving then and would have eaten anythingmoving, but she only gave me milk. Most people remember my name, because it’s funny, at least that is what they think, because they always want to know what it means and then my story gets rolled out.

One day my Mum moved us, which means me, a two year old boy who loved me and played with me much and of course her self to another another place. Our car was filled to the roof and I was allowed to sit on the back seat with the little boy. That was another nightmarish experience. All those things zooming past with lightening speed scared me to death and I found myself leaping over the seat into mum’s lap, knowing it that was safe there, staying put until we got to our destination. There I was locked into a room until the unloading had finished, so I would not go walkabout and get lost. There was really no need for that, I was too scared to do that in the first place. I saw  a baby bed in that room which I thought was a pretty save place for me to jump in snuggle down recovering from the trip.

Waking up I will snoop around the house to see what there is for me to scratch on was my last though before moving into dreamland.  I also needed to find a safe place to watch the outdoor live before I could even think about venturing out. I’m after all just a baby too and the little boy was not going anywhere by himself either.

When mum was cooking dinner and the little boy was having a nap there was time for me to search all those rooms we were going to live in, but one door was closed. I wanted to find out what was behind it, scratching a bit, when mum came racing out of the kitchen shouting at me,” no, no, no, bad girl”. Well that a was short and a quick lesson on where I certainly was not allowed to scratch.

The next day that door was open and it lead downstairs where mum had created a play ground for the little boy, called Allen and myself. There was a big stand with all sorts of scratching poles, carpets and ropes I could work out on till I dropped. And you bet I did. Allen was watching me, while riding his tiny bike round and round some pillars table and chairs, and I was keeping an eye on him. We seamed to like similar games apart from when he ran about in his undies with bare legs and I was running after him tackling him from behind.

He would cream out, no Huggl no Huggl. He was able to call my name but apart from that I could not understand what he was saying if he ever did say anything; not fore sometime anyway.

When Mum and Allen went shopping one day the shops were very close to the house, I went along too, Allen on his little bike and Mum walking. It was scary though, living on the farm was so quiet and here cars were passing all the time, scaring the life out of my little body and mind, but I had no choice. Going back on my own was not an option.

That was the day when I discovered the little trailer Allen had attached to his bike and from then on that was my save heaven, when ever I felt scared, well for a long time it seemed to me anyway. Especially after mum put a nice soft rag in it to make it like a little bed for me. I did not have a bedto sleep in I was always sleeping with Mum since I had been so cold and tiny when she found me first. I would snuggle in by her head where it was nice and warm, but when it got cold I simply kept moving downward under the Duvet.

The firs time I did that she was worried, could not find me any where in the morning until she got up and threw the duvet over; “Oh Huggl she called out I was worried about you.” She soon learned that I was a smart kitten generally keeping out of trouble. I always turned up when she called me, just like Allen we were good kids. We knew what was good for us and what was not so good for us in the end.

I know what you said when you saw my Picture, because every one does it looking at me, I don’t even need to spell it out for ya do I.   

One night as I was getting used to the place I ventured outside when every one was asleep and got myself in deep trouble. A big white male cat with huge blue cross-eyes looking real evil said, “what are you doing outside at this time of night”? Just looking around I bravely answered but shivery-scared inside. I did not trust that smooth voice and the look of those evil eyes, so I quickly ran back inside and upstairs, hiding on a chair. It was a monster sized cat and I thought surely he would not fit through the cat flap. I was just about to go to Mums bed when I heard the flap and a few seconds later saw those evil eyes were telling me “you can’t escape me.”

I meowed first quietly and then louder and louder hoping that Mum would hear me and come to my rescue. Then he started to do his big, scariest ever tomcat howl I could not imagine unless I had heard it myself. I was cat-tucker he was slashing toward me, flashing those gigantic horrible evil looking claws of his at me. I was praying, “please Mum wake up he is going to kill me, Mum….., please wake up.”

She must have heard him, as she came running into the living room to see what was going on, yelling at the cat to get out. He was not impressed and did not move but stopped howling. Mum summed him up got a big broom and slashed at him, not wanting to hurt him just scare him like he did me. She yelled again, get out you nasty beast, how dare you to come in here. As he wasslowly retreating she followed him all the way downstairs to the cat flap banging the broom on the floor behind him. I could finally breath again thinking “that’ll teach you, monster. “

But after that I was not going outside at night any more and the cat flap stayed locked. We were just about at the end of our stay in that place by the beach, as a few days after that Mum was packing and we were going back to the farm again. It was saver and more exciting there too, catching mice and meeting the other cats I could play withagain.  The trip back was such a happy event I was sitting on Mums seat up top by her head, as she was singing and Allen was tapping his little feet on the seat. As soon as we saw the farm entrance, he was calling out laughing and screeching with excitement, as I joined him on the back seat jumpingforjoy, we’re home.

I knew then, why people kept telling me I was lucky, When at first I thought that they meant it was because of my name.

Well, sometimes humans did make no sense to me however much I scratched my head. But that event with that tomcat showd me that it was not only humans doing that to that little mind of a kitten. Mum said, I love you and will always defend you until you’re grown up and can do all that for yourself, just like she is doing with Allen. I did love that human Mum of mine and knew what this boy was feeling for his Nani, which is ”Swiss” for Grandma.

We settled back in on the farm so quickly it seemed that we had never been away, only that nightmare with the howling beast could have never happened on our farm and probably stayed with me for the rest of my happy life here.

I truly am a lucky Cat.

I wondered what I was like as a kitten, hearing Mum telling a friend at the exact moment that thought was on my mind. I stopped purrin quietly listened, thinking to myself Mum… that surely is not true, you’re making all that up now. As she looked at me while I had snuggled in on her lap, sending me the message “I sure am not.”

“She was a wild little kitten biting, scratching and dislikingto be touched, like her mother, who was a wild cat that came in the house to steel food from the kitchen bench and every where else she could get it, never staying in the house, just grabbing food and dashing out with it. I was told that the familhy picked her up from the beach, not a good thing to do, uproot a grown cat,“but she added,” I would have never been given Hagul if they had not done that. Life has it’s own flow and we can reject or accept it, it’s up to us.

 I did tame this little kitten jamming it between my thights holding all four paws stroking her belly. Many a day and many times, not without getting scrached all over my hands and arms to get her into submisison, but it was well worth it, she is such a lovely cat now and I would miss her so much if she were not here anymore, “as she was telling the story of me she went on.”

Animals don’t live as long as we do and we have to accept that parting with them is inevitable.

Animals love unconditionally what ever that meant, but us humans always expect someting in return when we give love not so with animals, that is why a love them all so much and often find it hard to get over loosing them. But that is life she said and ”I went to sleep and happily purring again.”

No wonder somany people look at me saying, it must be wonderful to be a cat in this house hold.

“And I agree.” 

Annamarie Muirhead